No new deaths at Royal Bolton Hospital have been linked to coronavirus.

Figures released by NHS England yesterday afternoon showed no patients at the borough's hospital had died after contracting covid-19.

Nationally, over 56,000 people have now died after testing positive for covid-19, with 226 of these deaths taking place in the borough's hospital.

Overall, 1,874 cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed in Bolton, with over 292,000 people testing positive across the country.

In the north west, ten patients were admitted to hospital with the virus on Wednesday, taking the total number of people in hospital across the region to 273.

Since the launch of Test and Trace, 155,889 close contacts of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 have been reached through the tracing system and asked to self-isolate.

An additional 29,512 people were identified as close contacts, but were not reached by the system.

These contacts were found from 26,742 people who had tested positive for the virus.

Of the 35,000 cases transferred to the system, 1,124 people who tested positive could not be reached because no contact details were provided.