AROUND 250 people who attended a funeral at a mosque are being asked to self-isolate after the imam tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Jamia Ghosia mosque, based on Chester Street in Blackburn, hosted a funeral on July 13 where in the region of 250 people turned-up – despite official government guidance stating a maximum of 30 people are allowed to attend such events.

On Sunday (July 19) an announcement made by the mosque said the building would be closed until further notice while a deep clean takes place.

Messages seen by the Lancashire Telegraph from bosses at the site to users of the mosque also urged those who attended the funeral to self-isolate for at least a week.

The message read: “Unfortunately our Imam who led the Janazah (funeral) prayer has been tested positive for COVID-19 and is recovering from the virus.

“There is a possibility that other attendees may also have been infected at the Janazah prayers.

“It is our legal obligation to strongly advise you to isolate yourself for seven days, or attend your local COVID-19 testing station for COVID-test.”

It adds, “Any future Janazah prayer will consist of 30 people only and all COVID-19 Janazah will NOT be allowed in the Mosque as we experienced this week, this must take place in the Blackburn Cemetery.”