A former managing director of Bolton firm Telesis has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of a leading cloud telecommunications company.

Christian Bleakley is taking over the role from Jean-Pierre Vandromme, who will now become president of Firstcom Europe.

He grew Telesis from a startup to a market leading B2B telecommunication service provide for 10 years.

Firstcom Europe acquired Telesis in 2018. Having run its entire UK operations since then, Christian now takes on overall leadership of the group which has an annual turnover of more than £30m.

The company has an extensive range of business cloud solutions and operates in five countries across Europe, but intends to expand the business.

Christian takes on the role against the background of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “The transformation of the traditional workplace has driven companies to collaborate in different ways.

“They can now be in contact from wherever they wish, be it at home or in satellite offices or at corporate headquarters.

“Flexibility of location and ease of use have become essential features for communication services.

“Now with everyone using the latest products in a range of applications, from remote teleworking to grandparents video calling their grandchildren, previous communication practices are not going to return to where they were.

“There will be a digital legacy of lockdown that will be continued even when the pandemic has ended.

“With my background and broad experience in the industry from the different roles I have held, I understand that business success is dependent on having the right technology, deployed in the right way, and at the right price.

“We will be deepening and extending our relationships with our customers and partners and further developing our product range to equip them for the exciting digital future.”

The previous CEO Jean-Pierre Vandromme said: “Having worked closely with Christian over the past 18 months, I am delighted that someone with his drive and enthusiasm has taken over the reins of Firstcom.”