A DRUG dealer has been sentenced to eight months in jail more than two years after he was caught with bags of cannabis.

On April 1 2018 police visited Stuart Brough's home on another matter when they came across the drugs.

Neil Ronan, prosecuting at Bolton Crown Court, told how officers found 17 snap bags of cannabis in a draw string bag under the pillow on Brough's bed.

"Also found, minutes later, was £290 under the mattress in that bedroom," he said.

The cannabis was said to be worth £130.

On a Nokia mobile phone, also found at the house, police discovered a series of text messages.

"Texts on the phone suggest he was a straightforward street dealer of cannabis," said Mr Ronan.

When questioned, Brough claimed the cannabis was for his own use and the cash was his, left over from £5,800 he had received from the DSS.

Brough aged 44, has 21 previous convictions for 63 offences, mainly for violence and driving offences.

The court heard that Brough is already serving five years and two months in jail for offences including violent disorder.

On May 15 2018 Brough was part of a gang involved in a battle with a pair of brothers in the middle of a Farnworth street and pleaded guilty to possessing weapons and violent disorder.

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The fight was said to have followed a disagreement between Brough, of George Street, Farnworth, and one of the brothers.

But when he was jailed for the crime in May last year, he was not also charged and sentenced for the cannabis find.

"It doesn't appear that anybody has bothered up until now," said Judge Timothy Stead.

"It is a case which, on the face of it, is very straightforward. I am faced with the problem of dealing with someone who ought to have been dealt with promptly and all on the one occasion."

Brough pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

He is due to be released from his current sentence at the end of this year and Judge Stead sentenced him to a further concurrent eight month sentence for the drug dealing offence, of which he will serve half in prison and so will not spend additional time behind bars.