THE ROYAL Bolton Hospital has gone another day without registering a coronavirus-related death.

Latest figures released today show the total number of people who have died at the hospital with the illness remains at 226, the last death having occurred on July 10.

The figures also show that, for the last three days, no deaths have occurred from Covid-19 at any hospital in the North West.

Throughout England, no one is recorded as having died with coronavirus at hospitals since Tuesday, although this may be due to delays in recording deaths.

In recent weeks, as throughout the pandemic, the majority of deaths have occurred among the over 60s. The last time anyone under the age of 40 is recorded as having died with coronavirus in an English hospital is on July 5.

Official government figures show that, throughout England, 40,828 people have died with the virus and 45,422 in the UK.

There have been a total of 295,817cases of people infected with coronavirus which have been confirmed by laboratories.

In Bolton, 1,915 people have officially tested positive for having the virus, a rate of 671.1 per 100,000 population