A GYM owner who was clearing out an abandoned office in his building discovered a haul of First and Second World War medals during his work.

The collection of medals were in little boxes in the disused office in Wordsworth Mill, Wordsworth Street, where Elite Boxing Gym is located.

Sean Fogg was clearing out the office which has been vacant for several months with others when he discovered the medals.

Among the medals found were a British War medal and Victory medal from the First World War and a 1939–1945 Star campaign medal from the Second World War. The medals were awarded to those who took part in the victorious allied campaigns.

One of the medals is engraved with ‘7 PTE. F. ROYLE. L. N. LAN. R.’ - showing he was a part of the Lancashire Regiment.

Sean said: “We own the Elite Boxing unit next to the office and after it became free we decided to clear it out.

“I think it’s right that they go to the person or family that they belong to - at the end of the day that person is a hero.

“It was such a shame for them to just be lying around so I wanted to reunite them with whoever owns them.”

After posting an appeal online, Sean believes he has found the owner of the medals - and they are a relative of the previous owner of the unit.

He is hoping to be able to reunite the family with the lost medals when possible.

nIf you have any more information on the medals and the soldier that they belonged to, contact daniel.hopkins@nqnw.co.uk.