Coronavirus lockdown has shaken up the travel industry, leaving many people confused about if and where they can travel abroad.

Even if you do decide to book, you run the risk of your holiday being cancelled at any time.

However, have you ever considered a staycation? There are a lot of places to visit right here in Bolton.

If you’re not going on a summer holiday this year, there here are some ways you can recreate your foreign holiday without straying far from home:

Go to the beach

The Bolton News: Blackpool sea pier (Photo: Pixabay)Blackpool sea pier (Photo: Pixabay)

Relaxing on the beach, with a book in hand is an essential part of many people’s holiday.

However, you don’t need to travel abroad in order to get to the beach- while you aren’t guaranteed to have Spanish sunshine in Bolton, you can visit some great beaches.

Blackpool Beach is around thirty miles from Bolton and is a great places to spend your staycation.

While you are relaxing on the sand, you can also catch up on your reading.

Kit Smethurst’s Privy Papers: The Story of Chooky Rooch, Britain’s Oldest Film Star, and Ruth Hamilton’s Love from Ma Maguire, are just two books which are written by Bolton-based authors- Kit Smethurst’s book has been described as “at its sharpest and funniest in Bolton”.

When you have had enough of the sea and sand, then you can always head to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It is currently open, but there are more safety measures in places to encourage social distancing and you have to book before you go.

Eat at an exotic restaurant 

(Credit: Google Maps)

Eating out and trying some exotic food is a huge part of the holiday experience- and you can replicate it in Bolton.

If you fancy some Greek food, then Sokrates Greek Taverna in Horwich is the place to be.

Ciao Napoli on Mawdsley Street is a great restaurant if you are looking for some Mediterranean food- make sure to try the Filetto Alla Griglia if you do go.

Go sightseeing

Rivington Pike (Photo: YPS, Google Maps)

Some people use their holiday to explore the culture and monuments in the area- you can do the same in Bolton.

There might be hidden gem locations and unexplored areas right on your doorstep.

You might have visted Bolton Museum on your last school trip, but have you seen the newest exhibitions, such as the Egyptology section?

Hiking through Rivington Pike Is another great way to spend your staycation- on a sunny day, you can seen the Lake District and even Blackpool Tower at the Rivington Pike summit.

Book some unique accommodation

The Bolton News: Misty Lady (Photo: Air bnb)Misty Lady (Photo: Air bnb)

You may be close to home but you can still book some unique accommodation to stay in. There are some great camping and glamping spots right on your doorstep.

Paddock Camping in Bury is a great place if you want to try glamping.

Alternatively, you might want to stay in a cosy houseboat in Hebden Bridge.

Go to a waterpark

(Credit:Facebook/Sandcastle waterpark Blackpool)

If you look for an adrenaline rush an your holiday, heading to a waterpark is a must.

Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool is around thirty miles from Bolton and opened last week (25th July)- it is the UK’s largest indoor water park with 18 slides to try out.

Enjoy a drink…or two

The Bolton News: Ye Olde Man and Scythe (Photo: Geograph, Michael ely- Olde Man and Scythe (Photo: Geograph, Michael ely-

You might not be able to enjoy a beer abroad, but there are still some excellent pubs in Bolton to visit.

You can visit some charming pubs in Bolton with a lot of character and history, such as Ye Olde Man & Scythe, which is one of the oldest pubs in the world.