A STRANGER accused of raping a woman was only caught two years later when police matched his DNA to a sample on their database, a court heard.

A jury at Bolton Crown Court was told how Majdi Idress had pretended to be a Good Samaritan, offering to help the drunken woman get home after finding her disorientated in Bolton town centre on Valentine's Day night.

But the woman's next recollection is waking, naked from the waist down, in a house and realising she had been raped.

After contacting police the woman led them to a house in Crawford Avenue, the Haulgh, where she believed she had been. All the men living there were tested but none of their DNA matched the sample which had been retrieved from semen on her body and underwear.

But Charlotte Kenny, prosecuting told the court that earlier this year police found a DNA match with Idress — he lived next door to the house the woman had originally pointed out officers.

When arrested on February 10 19-year-old Idress made no comment.

Miss Kenny said how, on Valentine's Day 2018 the 29-year-old woman had spent the afternoon drinking with a group of friends.

"She acknowledges that it had a marked impact on her because her tolerance for alcohol wasn't great," said Miss Kenny.

The group headed into Bolton town centre at 10.30pm where the woman was so drunk that she was refused entry to a bar.

"She recalls leaning against some black railings, seeing the sky and hearing traffic, trying to figure out in which direction she lived," said Miss Kenny,

"She must have presented at that stage to anybody as clearly intoxicated and possibly in some trouble because of it.

"On seeing her in this intoxicated state the defendant approached her, not to act with good motive but with the aim of taking advantage of her sexually."

Sudanese Idress is said to have told her: "I know where you live. I take you home. I like you."

The woman's next memory is waking up lying on a bed in a room she did not recognise, naked from the waist down with a man she did not know "towering above her" just before 3am.

"It became apparent to her that she had been sexually interfered with," said Miss Kenny.

The woman pushed him away as he continually told her " I like you" and she grabbed her clothes, hastily getting dressed.

She asked to leave but Idress is said to have repeatedly told her to "shh" before eventually opening the door when she started to shout.

The woman stumbled away and managed to find her way home, phoning a friend in a distressed state in the morning and then phoning police.

Idress denies two counts of rape, claiming sex with the woman was consensual.

But Miss Kenny told the jury: "It cannot have been consensual. This was a woman who was in a clear state of intoxication.

"To give consent one has to give informed consent and in this case the prosecution say no such consent was given.

"Given the state she was in the defendant could not have failed to notice that and could not have reasonably believed that she gave any form of consent."

The trial continues.