EIGHT more residents have tested positive for covid-19 as Oldham introduces new virus rules.

Figures released by Public Health England yesterday afternoon confirmed a further eight cases of coronavirus in the borough.

So far, 1,956 positive cases have now been confirmed, with 226 patients dying at Royal Bolton Hospital after contracting the virus.

The rise in cases came as health officials in Oldham introduced new measures after the town reported a spike in coronavirus cases.

New guidance for the next two weeks aims to halt the spread of the virus and avoid a local lockdown in the area.

Residents in Oldham are being asked not to have social visitors to their home, and to keep two metres apart from friends and family when seeing them outside.

Care homes will not relax restrictions on visitors, and those people who are “shielding” will also be asked to continue to stay at home for another two weeks from Friday, July 31.

A significant proportion of recent cases involved multiple people from the same home testing positive.

Anyone with symptoms of coronavirus should stay at home for seven days and book a test as soon as possible.