DRAMATIC new footage of The Cube blaze shows how within minutes the fire was sweeping up the student complex.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service released the videos along with a new report into the fire -The Cube Incident report.

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Ben Levy from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said the videos show "evidence of external fire spread affecting all floors of The Cube".

The Bolton News:

He said:" Burning debris is seen falling to the ground and flames spreading to the full height of the building - be clear this is not how firefighters traditionally expect fire to behave or a building to behave."

Footage shows how the fire is taking hold of the upper floors with the "building failing to contain the fire.

The upper floors, where a resident had been rescued from shortly before by the aerial appliance, is engulfed in flames.

Pictures taken from a video of the fire being filmed within ten minutes of it being discovered, firefighters are on the decked walk way.

The fire at that time was visible on the third, fourth and fifth floors One minute in crews were on the fourth floor and the fire started developing significantly, with flames spreading to the top of the building. Two minutes, in flames  reached the sixth floor and starting to lick the roof.

Three minutes in a well developed fire was clear on four floors of the building and just four minutes later deck walkway access wass no longer accessible by firefighters.