A resident says the nightmare parking situation on her road is an 'accident waiting to happen'.

Longworth Road in Horwich has cars lined up either side of the road throughout the day, which has caused tensions between neighbours over the years.

Kathryn Halliwell, a teacher who moved to Longworth Road from nearby Wilderswood Avenue with her husband and two young boys in December last year, said there is often a lot of tension between neighbours over spaces, and that the majority of them want change.

Mrs Halliwell recalled an incident where a neighbour angrily poured soup on her car on Christmas Day 2019, and other incidents where residents argued and cars were damaged, and even earlier this week a bus getting stuck on the road as it ran out of room due to the amount of cars.

Mrs Halliwell said: "It's an accident waiting to happen with cars speeding down the road.

"It's becoming a bit of a nightmare. All it takes is one kid to run out into the road for people to see how bad the problem is.

"It's a massive safety issue and a massive issue for those that need to be close to their homes or get the bus, which often gets blocked by the parked cars, such as the elderly.

"People just can't park on another road if they have young kids with them and shopping etc, it needs a solution."

Horwich North East councillor, Marie Brady, who drives along the road daily, has also joined calls for a long term solution to problems on the road.

Cllr Brady says she is very aware of the issues as a local resident and is hoping a long term solution can be found. 

She said: "These houses and roads weren't designed for the amount of cars people have now.

"The speeding down the road, especially round the bend is a big issue as it is going to cause an accident one day.

"But this can't be fixed overnight and will take a lot of planning to find a long term solution to this, which I am working on and hoping there can be cooperation from different bodies, including the bus companies as we can't lose that service and the council to find a solution."