A NEW BBC show wants to hear from people from Bolton.

The producers of the BBC’s long running Wanted Down Under show, wants a diverse mix of families, couples and others, who are tired of living in the city the chance to make a life by the countryside or coast.

Called Wanted: The Simple Life, the shows executive producer Paul Connolly, said: “An increasing number of people are leaving behind the stresses of the city for a new life in the country or by the coast.

“But what they don’t always consider are the potential challenges this presents like what work can I do there? Am I willing to give up the convenience of urban living? Is my other half as keen on the move as I am? How will the kids find such a big change?

“This series will give them an opportunity to explore both the pros and the cons of the move before they make such a life-changing decision.”

The show wants to hear from people considering this change and are looking for help in making this decision.

To apply visit bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/take-part