TOWN hall chiefs have apologised for the current state of cemeteries ­— after grass cutting was delayed by the coronavirus crisis.

One mourner, who asked not to be name blasted Bolton Council, after visiting Farnworth Cemetery a number of times over the last few months.

The woman, went to Farnworth Cemetery last week to visit the resting places of her parents, and said that the grass had not been cut.

She also remarked that the site has not been looked after last few times that she been.

She said: “I went to put flowers on my parents grave on and was horrified to see that the grass still hadn’t been cut.

“The past few times I have visited the grave, I have been appalled at the total lack of care and maintenance as well as being astounded that family members have brought their own strimmers to cut the grass around their loved ones’ graves.

“In my opinion Farnworth Cemetery always seems to have the minimum maintenance.

“I go to other cemeteries where family members are buried and they are outstanding.

“Is it because Farnworth isn’t a prosperous area and the council think the deceased and their families will put up with a pathetic third rate service?”

Council chiefs acknowledged that workers were behind schedule with grass cutting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesman said: “Due to the pandemic, we are behind with grass cutting at council cemeteries and we would like to apologise for any distress caused.

“Our small team, along with seasonal staff recruited last month, are now working hard to return cemetery maintenance to its usual standard.

“We did cut the grass at Farnworth Cemetery three weeks ago and are due back in next week.

“We would like to thank the volunteers who have been working to tidy up the cemetery, their efforts are greatly appreciated.”