THE publication of the report into The Cube Fire prompted a flurry of people to sign a petition calling for Government cladding from student accommodation.

Although the report did not look at the the part the cladding may have played in the fire, it has previously been claimed that the cladding had a ‘major role in the rapid spread' of the blaze.

But the Government has denied help to high-rises catering for students, despite giving other building owners” unprecedented support” to keep residents safe.

Now a petition has been set up to increasing the funding pot and widening the criteria to cover all at risk buildings, including those where work has already been carried out.

Cllr Nick Peel said that following the report dozens of people had signed the petition.

He said: “The outcome of this fire could have been so much worse, had it not been for the speed, bravery and excellent training of our fire fighters.

“The Government recently announced a fund that would go to only a small proportion of buildings with non ACM combustible cladding, such as the Cube.

After all of the media and Government spotlight on the Cube at the time of the fire, its somewhat perverse that the Cube does not quality for Government that it is purpose built student accommodation. What that has to do with it has never been explained.

“This issue is way too serious for arbitrary rules to be applied to a crucial cladding safety fund and Bolton Labour Councillors have launched an online petition calling on the Government to widen its criteria for financial help, so that the Cube and other high rises in Bolton can become much safer places to live.”

To sign the petition visit Petition: Justice for Grenfell and The Cube