A swimming school will reopen next week after being closed over lockdown, but the owner warns that it will struggle to keep going if families don't return.

Rae Alder runs Aqua Star Swim Academy alongside her job as a part-time nurse at Alder Hey children's hospital.

The lessons, which are held at Ladybridge High School swimming pool, were stopped over lockdown.

Unfortunately Miss Adler was unable to obtain any government funding during those four months as the business is separate to the premises.

Despite this lack of income and a drop in demand, the school will reopen next week to ensure her customers receive the teaching they need.

She said: "We provide private lessons at council prices, cost is very important to us so we cancelled all direct debits over lockdown, whereas other facilities continued to taking payments.

"The downside to this is that we're now running at a loss, we will reopen for the first term of 10 weeks but we will have to see if it's feasible to stay open after that.

"We usually have around 340 customers, but about 50 of these have decided not to come back.

"I thought we would have to close down at one point. We're in our fourth year now and want to keep offering cheap lessons to people.

"We're willing to run at a loss and see if we can build it back up again."

The swim school offers classes from three years old to adult swim lessons and there will be strict safety measures in place when it reopens.

Class sizes will be reduced and lessons staggered, as well as a one-way system in place at the pool.

Miss Alder urges people to not be afraid about returning to the pool, particularly as water safety is so important for children.

She said: "Now is the time to get children back in the pool and boost their confidence so they can become strong swimmers.

"The Royal Life Saving Society has confirmed that drownings has increased over lockdown, so kids need to learn these vital skills.

"Chlorine actually kills the virus, you're probably safer going swimming than you are going to the supermarket."