CORONAVIRUS restrictions were tightened across areas of the northern England including Bolton from Friday but the law has only been enforced from today, Wednesday.

This means police will now be able to take action against those that break these rules, including asking people to disperse and issuing fines through fixed penalty notices (FPNs).

The FPNs will start at £100, halve to £50 if paid in the first 14 days, and doubling for subsequent offences.

The restrictions apply across the whole of Greater Manchester, areas of Lancashire such as Blackburn, and places in West Yorkshire including Bradford.

Here is what you can be fined for:

  • meeting people you do not live with inside a private home or garden, except where you have formed a support bubble (or for other limited exemptions to be specified in law).
  • visiting someone else’s home or garden even if they live outside of the affected areas.

You must also not:

  • socialise with people you do not live with in other indoor public venues – such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, places of worship, community centres, leisure and entertainment venues, or visitor attractions. You may attend these venues with people you live with (or are in a support bubble with), but should avoid interaction with individuals or groups from other households. If you run such a business or organise events on their premises, you should take steps to ensure people do not interact with people they do not live with, in line with COVID-19 secure guidance
  • visit friends or family in care homes, other than in exceptional circumstances. Care homes should restrict visits to these circumstances.

Does my household include close family members?

Your household – as defined in law – is only the people you live with.

If you have formed a support bubble (which must include a single adult household i.e. people who live alone or single parents with dependent children aged under 18) these can be treated as if they’re members of your household.