A new drinks craze is taking Bolton by storm.

Mooboo specialises in bubble tea - a Taiwanese tea-based drink - which features chewy flavoured 'bubbles' of tapioca which can be eaten through the extra wide straw.

And bosses at the new outfit, on Knowsley Street, say customers are impressed.

Shop supervisor Jane Kwok said: “There are so many options, from different flavours, to the level of sweetness, so you can customise it completely.

“What makes Mooboo so different to other places is we can offer up to 1,000 different combinations of flavours and toppings.

“There’s fruit flavours like strawberry, passionfruit and mango and we offer a choice of 10 different toppings.

“It’s very new to Bolton, if people wanted to have bubble tea before they would have to go to Manchester, but now we’re the first bubble tea shop in Bolton.

“I think lots of people are excited. We have a lot of children buying our drinks and young students. Grandparents will bring their grandchildren, they love ordering the strawberry flavour with the strawberry topping, that’s very popular.”

Customers can choose from a milk or a fruit tea, which flavours ranging from traditional Rose Guan Yin tea to Oreo milk tea. Extra toppings such as fruit jellies can be added too.

The store is offering a special discount throughout August even though they miss out on the government's new Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Owner of the franchise Kenneth Luk said: “Our grand opening was just over a month ago on June 15, and everything has been going well.

“During August we are offering a special deal which is buy one get one half price every Wednesday and Thursday. Since we are a takeaway we can’t participate in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, so this is our way of showing solidarity. We want our customers in Bolton to be happy.”

You can find out more about Mooboo by visiting their Instagram page @mooboo_bolton