BOLTON'S Paddy McGuinness will be reunited with his Top Gear co-host Freddie Flintoff this weekend in a hilarious reworking of the hit obstacle game show Total Wipeout.

Classic episodes of the BBC show will return to screens this weekend ­— but with a new twist as the comedian and cricketing legend replace the original commentary with their own unique banter.

In Total Wipeout: Freddie and Paddy Takeover will feature some of the most memorable episodes and moments from the series, which ran from 2009-12.

The show saw contestants took part in a series of water based obstacle challenges, including Sucker Punch, The Sweeper and of course The Big Red Balls, in an attempt to win £10,000.

Paddy said: “Now more than ever we need to laugh at people bouncing off those big red balls. I’m so happy to be involved in bringing this classic show back!”

He added:"There was a great response when the news was announced so I really hope people enjoy seeing it back on BBC One.

"We need those big red balls back in our lives! The show, not Fred?

"Wipeout is all about not taking yourself too seriously and going for it. It’s silly, pure comfort TV and I think more than ever that’s the kind of telly people have an appetite for."

On being reunited with Freddie, Paddy said: "Fred still has a lot to learn from me so part of that routine is him getting the chance to sit back and watch a professional at work.

" But really it’s always fairly easy for us to get stuck in and get the job done while having a laugh."

Freddie Flintoff said “I can't wait to have a laugh watching people fumble with those big red balls!”

Cat Lynch, Joint-Managing Director of Initial, said: “Total Wipeout: Freddie and Paddy Takeover is just what we need right now.

" It’s a joyful, irreverent show which families can enjoy together. Freddie and Paddy will add a brilliant dose of mischief and warmth.”

The first episode of six will air on BBC One from Saturday 8 August at 7.10pm.