ELDERLY residents in sheltered accommodation are “living in fear” after regularly witnessing drug dealing and anti-social behaviour on their doorsteps, according to one tenant.

People living at Runnymede Court in Deane, which offers rented flats to those aged over 55, have been tormented by a wave of crime happening on the grounds since last September.

As well as drug dealing, shouting regularly rings out across the Jackson Street premises at all hours of the day, a racket is caused during the night due to the communal facilities being used and occupants feel intimidated.

The situation has led to some people moving out of the 31-flat complex after being fed up with the problems for months.

A tenant, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The elderly residents are living in fear of these anti-social people.

“There are young men back and forth buying drugs.

“Certain residents have had to move out of the block where these anti-social people are living as the behaviour impacted on their lives, creating fear, distress and ill health.

“Enough is enough for the residents."

The tenant has also called for the site's housing association, Anchor Hanover, to step in and resolve the problem urgently.

“Runnymede Court is professed to be a safe and relaxing haven for elderly people who wish to relax and enjoy what is left of their retirement years", the tenant said.

“It is disgusting and shocking that the residents have had to tolerate such appalling behaviour.”

The tenant added that reports have been made to the police about the behaviour, which is blighting lives.

Anchor Hanover says it “acted immediately” when it was told about anti-social behaviour taking place at the site.

The organisation added that work is ongoing to tackle the issue and that the "safety of tenants is paramount".

District manager for Runnymede Court, Joanne Greenhalgh, said: “As soon as we were alerted to concerns about behaviour at the location, we acted immediately and are following our robust anti-social behaviour process and policy.

“We have a duty of care for all our tenants and we have been keeping them updated and have been supporting them throughout this process.

“The safety and wellbeing of our tenants is paramount.”