AROUND £25,000 worth of gold was taken by a gang after a fake pizza delivery forced his way into a house before a teenager was hit over the head with a hammer.

The “delivery man”, whose face was covered and carried a bag, knocked on the house at Mobberley Road in Breightmet.

When a woman opened the door he said her pizza had arrived.

As the man spoke English the woman asked her niece, 18-year-old Nadia Bibi, to talk to him.

Nadia explained that the family had already eaten pizza more than a hour earlier and that they had not ordered another one.

The dispute continued before she and her auntie tried to close the door.

But the man was quickly joined by two other masked men and they pushed their way into the house.

Nadia and her auntie screamed as they burst in.

The Bolton News:

The fake delivery man carrying a bag as he approaches the house

Care home worker Nadia said: "They told us to be quiet then one man was holding my auntie and one was holding me.

"One had a hammer and the other had a knife.

"I tried to push the man with the hammer and he hit me on the head with it.

"They took us in the kitchen and told us not to move or speak.

"At that point we were terrified.

"One of my nephews who is only two was sleeping in the same room when it happened.

"There were also children upstairs who locked themselves in.

"They must have been in the house between five to seven minutes but it felt like it was forever."

With the two adults being guarded by two thugs, the other criminal – who acted as the fake delivery man – rooted through every room of the house looking for valuables.

He managed to pocket around £25,000 worth of gold along with cash before the gang left.

Police arrived at the scene soon afterwards.

The robbery, which took place after 10pm on Wednesday, July 29, has had a devastating impact on the family.

Nadia said: "I was going to get married in Pakistan in October but now we are going to stay at home.

"Whenever the kids go to bed they wake up.

"They are traumatised."

CCTV footage shows the three men approaching and entering the house before making their exit.

The fake delivery man was described as Asian with long hair and wearing a baseball cap.

The man who hit Nadia with the hammer was white but it was hard to establish a description of the other man due to the face coverings.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "At around 10:45pm on Wednesday, July 29, police responded to calls at Mobberley Road in Bolton."

If you have any details about the incident contact police on 101.

Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.