THE LATEST plans to build over a hundred new homes on the site of Horwich Golf Club have been met with "overwhelming opposition".

New plans, brought forward by Northstone, are the third attempt by the firm’s parent company, Peel L&P, to build on the site.

As the firm launches a public consultation into the proposal, which could see the popular spot turned into an estate of up to 150 family homes, residents continue to oppose the development – despite plans to retain some of the site's natural features.

Cllr Kevin McKeon, who represents Horwich North East, vowed to continue fighting the plans.

He said: "The fundamental problem is that the council allocated the golf course protected open space status and committed itself to no development on the site.

"The plans do have the advantage of turning what is currently private land for members only into public space, but no development on that land is acceptable.

"Residents clearly don't want this to go ahead, there's been overwhelming opposition to it."

The course as ‘Protected Open Space’ status, but the Government has previously overturned town hall attempts to block building on similar land in Blackrod and Westhoughton.

The new plans propose seven acres of "ecological and recreational green space" offering new habitats to wildlife, a community orchard and bat boxes.

Cllr McKeon added: "We've fought very hard and successfully persuaded the planning committee to reject the first and second planning applications.

"However, the planning inspector from the appeal didn't rule out all development there so Peel took advantage of that with their second application.

"Now we're waiting for the planning inspector to give a decision on this appeal, all we can do is wait."

Give your feedback at All feedback must be received by Friday, August 14 to be considered before a planning application is submitted to Bolton Council.