A SECONDARY school where suspended Tory councillor Bob Allen serves as a governor has distanced itself from his social media comments - which appear to blame the whole of the Black and minority ethnic communities (BAME) for the reintroduction of lockdown measures in the region.

Head of Ladybridge High School, where Cllr Allen is a local authority governor, said the comments "do not align with the values and beliefs of the Ladybridge family.

The school has 'reported' the councillor to the local authority following the social media outburst, after the government reintroduced certain measures to contain coronavirus in Bolton, and across Greater Manchester.

He also blamed illegal immigrants, targeted Chinese people in his rant as well his own Government and Public Health England.

The Bolton News:

Cllr Allen wrote: "Don’t penalise me over the increase in covid cases in Greater Manchester.

" I’ve stuck to the rules for four long months.

"Blame the 48,000 illegal immigrants, the BAME community and the morons that never obey the rules. Blame the Public Health England (PHE) idiots who wrongly advised us, blame NHS managers who were totally unprepared, blame the Chinese for concealing the true facts and blame the government for not stopping thousands of flights into the UK from infected countries.

"We are being led by donkeys.”

Since the post, calls have been growing for the councillor to resign his position, both on the school's governing body and from the council.

Headteacher of Ladybridge High School Patrick Russell said: "One of the strengths of Ladybridge is the extent of our diversity. Approximately 50 per cent of our families are from BAME backgrounds, and we are very proud of this rich diversity.

"Kastur Mepani, Chair of Governors, and I were made aware of the social media post last weekend.

"We immediately contacted Governor Services at the local authority to raise concerns.

"There is no doubt that Cllr Allen's comments do not align with the values and beliefs of the Ladybridge family.”

John Gillat, secretary of the Heaton and Lostock Labour Party, wrote to the school calling on it to remove Cllr Allen as a governor.

He stated: "We have lost many people from BAME backgrounds looking after those with coronavirus" and went on to described Cllr Allen's comments as "wildy inaccurate, disgusting, shocking and divisive".

Mr Gillatt, told The Bolton News: "The school's response, which is unequivocal, has been great.

"It is an absolute disgrace to blame the BAME community, we hope the Conservatives take firm action and that Bob Allen now stands down.

"The consensus of the members of the Heaton and Lostock Labour Party is that Cllr Allen should resign as a councillor immediately and that a bye-election should be held in Heaton and Lostock ward."

Cllr Allen was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Bolton News.