A FAMILY have expressed their “disgust” after mindless vandals slashed their hot tub and gazebo in the space of a couple of months.

Donna Foster, of Mobberley Road, Breightmet, was shocked to discover that yobs broke into the back garden of their home six weeks ago and slashed their inflatable hot tub.

The damage caused left the £450 luxury item broken and not worth paying repairs for due to the extra costs involved.

And then in the early hours of Sunday slash marks were discovered on the gazebo in the back garden, which has wrecked the £150 covering.

The Bolton News:

The hot tub

The Bolton News:

The Bolton News:

The slashed gazebo

Mum-of-four Donna, 36, believes the culprits vandalised the gazebo after gaining entry through her neighbour’s property and used a Stanley knife.

She said: “There are three slash marks to the top of the gazebo and two to the curtains.

“I only bought it five days before.

“We got the inflatable hot tub around three months ago and my seven-year-old daughter Rosie has ADHD and doesn’t usually like water apart from when she went in the hot tub.

“She was heartbroken.

“I have lived here for nearly nine years and never had any problems like this before.

“Why would anyone want do this? I do not understand it, it is disgusting.

“Me and my partner both work hard and just want a nice garden for the kids and when I try and do that it gets destroyed.”

The Bolton News:

Donna and partner Steven

The Bolton News:

Donna and Steven's four children

Donna, who lives with partner Steven and their four children, has also expressed her fears about how the culprits have come close to her home on a couple of occasions.

“They have been in my garden, it makes me think what they will do next”, she said.

“What are they willing to try next? It is a bit scary knowing I have kids.”

If you have any information about either of the incidents contact police on 101.