A TRAGEDY stricken 37-year-old man who battled drug addiction for years died after an overdose.

Daniel William Christian, of Oakfield Grove, Farnworth, was found by his partner on his bedroom floor early on February 21.

She phoned emergency services and tried resuscitating her long-term partner but he died at the scene.

Police were called and Bolton Coroner’s Court heard drug paraphernalia was found at the home and an open needle was discovered close to his body.

In a documentary inquest hearing, statements were read out by acting senior coroner for Manchester West, Alan Walsh.

Police coroner’s officer Stefan Wilson, who was at the inquest opening said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Christian’s death.

Mr Christian’s sister, Brooke Louise, said in recent years his dad and best friend died died and his mum passed away last year after suffering a sudden brain haemorrhage. These tragedies left the unemployed man “devastated”.

Mr Christian used drugs since he was a teenager but last year he suffered from leg ulcers after veins in his leg were damaged due to years of abuse.

He used to inject heroin but started smoking it in the last six months, the hearing was told.

He partner added he had a few overdoses in the past.

He had daily methadone prescriptions and attended mental health appointments. Mr Christian also took Xanax recently after buying it off the streets.

A postmortem examination found he had taken number of substances including heroin and prescribed medication.

Mr Walsh agreed with pathologist Dr Patrick Waugh’s report and recorded the cause of death as combined drug toxicity. Expressing his sadness that Mr Christian died so young in this way, Mr Walsh warned of the “evils” of taking drugs. He extended sympathies to his family.