THE judge in the Lindsay Birbeck murder trial has lifted a ban on the media naming the teenager who killed her.

We can now reveal, for the first time, that the 17-year-old boy who was found guilty of her murder is called Rocky Marciano Price.

Price, from Accrington, was found unanimously guilty of killing the teaching assistant by a jury of nine women and three men.

His identity has been protected until now because English law states any defendant aged under 18 is entitled to anonymity.

It is, however, at the discretion of a judge to lift the order should they deem it in the public interest for a defendant to be named, if members of the media make a request.

He will be sentenced by Her Honour Amanda Justice Yip on Friday.

Price was born and grew up in Accrington, to a traveller family, and lived not far from Accrington Cemetery, with his parents, Martina and Creddy Price, and his five siblings.

His mum, 37, and dad, 47, have been present in court at every single hearing their son was required to attend, along with other relatives.

On Wednesday, they tirelessly looked on from the public gallery while their son appeared via videolink from where he is being remanded at HMP Wetherby, a youth offending institute in West Yorkshire.

On hearing the jury’s verdict, Price’s parents wept outside the courtroom.

From the outset, jurors and members of the press and public had been told about Price’s learning difficulties and the fact he has autism and ADHD, something which he is medicated for.

He attended an alternative school in Barnoldswick, and it was here that he learned practical skills in woodwork and landscape gardening.

Price was convicted of murdering the mother-of-two but claimed a mystery man had asked him to move and dispose of her body.

Her remains were found in Accrington Cemetery 12 days after her disappearance.