RATS have been spotted at an apartment complex after bags of rubbish were left uncollected next to overflowing bin stores for weeks.

One resident who lives at Trinity Apartments on Crook Street in Great Lever says there is an ongoing issue in which waste is not collected on schedule.

And this has led to rodents mooching around the bin stores.

Crook Street and nearby Bridgeman Street and Moncrieffe Street have also been reported as drug-dealing hotspots, and the resident has found a couple of needles next to the bin store.

The resident said: “We have never had rats like this before, they are brazen.

“It is disgusting and there are lots of flies around as well.

“It stinks around the bins – it is horrible.

“Everyone is getting really annoyed by it.”

The resident added concerns have increased since the pandemic and the threat of surplus waste to people’s health.

Primo Property Management is responsible for the site and booked a skip to clear up the latest build-up of rubbish and made plans to clean the bin stores.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: “We work closely with the council in the management and removal of waste and the council operatives have access to the bin stores.

“No reports of a vermin infestation have been reported, but we will look into this and take any action required.

“In terms of drug-dealing, we have worked for a number of years with the council and Greater Manchester Police.

“One action we have taken is to have a roving security visit on a nightly basis to prevent and discourage this type of activity.”

A Bolton council spokesman added: “We are aware of an ongoing issue at this property, caused by waste left on the floor blocking access to the bins.”

The council said it was set to ask Primo to clear the bin stores and is working to resolve the issue before it arranges a waste collection.