A Bolton-based energy retailer is expanding after a surge in demand from small businesses during lockdown.

Faced with the uncertain economic outlook firms turned to Love Energy Savings to take advantage of an average discount on utility bills of £875.

They can offer this through market-leading economies of scale and exceptional supplier relationships which allows them to secure exclusive deals and tariffs that aren’t available anywhere else.

It has seen them surpass projected new client acquisitions by 25%.

During lockdown the business aimed to provide the same experience and levels of service while others scaled back.

Dubbing the initiative Project Bolt in tribute to the record-breaking sprinter - it aimed to ensure the business got ahead, stayed ahead and won.

To build on this success Love Energy Savings is looking to make SIX new hires across their marketing function including a Paid Social Exec, an SEO exec, SEO content writer, Digital PR, CRM Exec and an Account Manager to look after lead partners.

Love Energy Savings CEO Phil Foster said: “At the start of lockdown we rolled our sleeves up and dug in for the long haul.

“When customers needed us most, rather than scale back our operations like many of our competitors, we powered through, providing vital savings for SMEs and consumers up and down the country at any time of day.

“Small businesses are the engine room of UK plc and many have faced very uncertain times through lockdown.

“Think about a hairdresser who has recently reopened. The business is fully booked for a month, they are opening extra hours to try and serve as many people as possible and work around the reduced capacity restrictions social distancing has placed on the business. They also desperately need to cut their business outgoings to help balance the books.

“But at 9.30pm when they have time to think about admin and switch their business energy, they can’t as call centres are closed. Love Energy Savings is open 24/7 and in four clicks, they could save their business thousands of pounds on their new deal.”