NO FURTHER cases of coronavirus in Bolton have been reported today

Figures release by Public Health England at 4pm show a total of 2,167 people in the borough have tested positive for the disease since the pandemic began. The number is the same as Monday, with the infection rate in the area standing at 753.6 cases per 100,000 of population.

Throughout the UK almost 170,000 tests are being carried out each day and today 1,089 people were reported as being positive for the illness.

The total number of people the authorities say have been proved to be infected is now 320,286.

At the Royal Bolton Hospital 230 people have died with the Covid-19, but none since August 4.

Throughout the UK 12 people were recorded yesterday as having died with the virus, taking the total number of deaths throughout the UK to 41,381.

Since the pandemic began 133,124 people have been so ill with coronavirus that they have been admitted to hospital.

At the weekend 896 people remained in hospitals and 73 of them are still on ventilators to help support their breathing.