A couple are rejoicing after the Home Office changed their decision on keeping them apart over visa restrictions.

Gulwali and Noorjana Passarlay both escaped Taliban rule in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, with Gulwali finding refuge with foster carers in Lostock when just 13 and Noorjana joining her father in Denmark, and have been married since 2016 after meeting through family and mutual friends.

Noorjana has now been accepted for a spouse visa, which means she will now be allowed to visit the UK as much as she wants and eventually apply for residency in the UK.

Gulwali described that the pair are delighted by the new decision.

He said: "I was not expecting this at all, this never happens in my experience.

"I was getting ready to start appealing and talking to lawyers and everything but I'm so glad this has happened they have been very kind.

"She (Noorjana) wouldn't believe it at at first. She kept saying 'I don't believe it unless I can see it for myself and on my passport'.

"She is so happy."

The Bolton News:

Whilst overjoyed with the new decision, Gulwali said he still feels a lot of sadness for those not as fortunate as he is with his platform.

He said: "I've received so many questions from people asking how this has happened, there are so many people out there in much worse positions than me.

"We have been so lucky but there are still people who are nurses, doctors who've suffered for years with this.

"But we are so pleased it has worked out for us we feel so fortunate.

"I've been through so much over the last 13 years and am seeing my brother struggle through the same now, there is a long way to go but I want to achieve my citizenship."

A Home Office spokesman said: "It is right that there are minimum income requirements for family migration to prevent burdens being placed on the taxpayer.

"Mr Gulwali Passarlay's application for a spousal visa for his wife was refused as he did not meet the income threshold – this had been the case for several months prior to the application being submitted.

"However, we are taking a compassionate and pragmatic approach to cases during the pandemic and after a review of this case we will now approve his wife’s visa in line with published concessions."

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