A popular pub has closed for 48 hours for a deep clean and so all staff can get tested for coronavirus after a customer rang to say they had tested positive.

Henighans Eat and Drink, in Bury Road, Breightmet was called by a customer on Thursday afternoon saying they had tested positive for the virus and had been in the pub last Saturday (August 22).

Nick Howcroft, managing director of Henighans, which also has a branch in Little Lever, said that they had intended to stay open on the advice of the NHS and Bolton Council, but has now decided to close for 48 hours for another clean and for staff to get a coronavirus test to reassure its customers.

Mr Howcroft said: "Our manager got a call from a man saying he had been in the pub on Saturday and started feeling unwell on Sunday, he then got a test on Wednesday and told us he'd been confirmed as positive.

"I immediately rang NHS track and trace to ask them what to do, if I should close the pub and send my staff home.

"They said I didn't need to close but if anyone is feeling unwell they should get tested straight away.

"I then rang our local councillor, Adele Warren, who was really kind and said she'd get someone from the council to get in touch.

"I had a long conversation with them about what we've got in place, which includes hand sanitising points everywhere and a massive screen in front of the bar, and signs telling people to keep a distance.

"They also told us not to shut as it is not the sanitised buildings such as ours that spread the virus it's people.

"We ask people to keep their distance but we can't forcibly stop people shaking hands or something else.

"Our staff are encouraged to stay behind the bar too to minimise contact.

"We do our best to keep everybody as safe as possible and track and trace is in both of our pubs."

Mr Howcroft confirmed that they are closing the pub for a deep clean and all staff are getting tested to reassure their customers.

He expects to reopen on Sunday.