PARTS of Bolton could be subject to different coronavirus restriction after an MP vowed to take his constituency out of lockdown measures.

Chris Green, the representative for Bolton West and Atherton, outright opposed yesterday's U-turn – saying that his constituents deserved to have restrictions eased.

He said: “The data I have been given about coronavirus and its transmission indicates that there is a low level of transmission in the Bolton West constituency and therefore, it should have been taken out of the local lockdown.

“Unfortunately, I have been informed by the Department for Health and Social Care that they’ve got private data, which they haven’t yet made available to me, saying that Bolton as a whole must remain in local lockdown.

“I’m very disappointed at this information – I’m very disappointed that they haven’t communicated effectively with local Members of Parliament, and also with the local press about this.

“This is going to have a huge impact on people’s lives, and businesses.

“I am going to do what I can to take those parts of the constituency out of local lockdown, just like Atherton, where the data allows.”

Earlier in the day, the elected official said that no patients were in critical care at the Royal Bolton Hospital with coronavirus, and no admissions to the hospital in the 24 hours prior had involved covid-19.

He also said that only one coronavirus patient was being cared for by the borough’s hospital.

The announcement was also blasted by Cllr Nick Peel, the Labour leader in Bolton, who described the situation as an “absolute farce”.

He said: “People are rightly getting tired of the contradictory, confused messages coming from government.

“They don’t seem to know what they are doing, the whole thing has been an absolute farce.

“The council made a U-turn in terms of saying restrictions should stay in place. It is bizarre that the government chose to ignore that, then changed their minds.

“People are increasingly ignoring lockdown rules. A lot of people just don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing anymore.”

The decision to lift restrictions was also scrapped in Trafford, after the number of confirmed cases doubled.

On Tuesday, health chiefs said infections between different households appear to be the main cause of the spike in new cases.

People aged 18-49 represent the ‘overwhelming majority’ of new cases, which were spread across the borough and not limited to a single area, community, or place of work.