A MAN has been jailed for 27 months after causing the death of his brother in a fatal car crash.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Zekeriye Mohammed, 24, drove his BMW M135i at high speed through the town’s streets alongside his friend Ahmed Haider, who reached speeds of 83mph in his Audi S3 as the two raced along St Helens Road shortly before 11.30pm on September 9, 2019.

Tragedy struck when Haider, who was jailed for 63 months, collided with his friend close to Plodder Lane after both men had performed a U-turn.

Haider’s car ploughed into the BMW’s side where 24-year-old Idiris Mohammed was sitting in the rear passenger seat.

He received multiple injuries and died in hospital two hours later.

Appearing in court for sentencing, Mohammed stood in the dock with Haider appearing via video link from HMP Forest Bank, as David Temkin, prosecuting, recounted how the friends were captured on CCTV sat side by side for four minutes on Salisbury Street before they drove off in opposite directions.

As well as his brother, Mohammed was carrying a female passenger in the front seat while another man was on the back seat of Haider’s Audi.

Five minutes later the pair could be seen racing along Deane Road at high speed before driving on Derby Street and St Helen’s Road.

When the crash took place, Haider, 23, was driving at around 55mph.

Following the collision, he ran off leaving his passenger with a serious back injury.

When police officers arrived at the scene, Mohammed was heard to say “I f***ed up bad” but he gave a false account of what happened and then lied in interview saying he did not know the identity of the other driver.

Haider, of Fenton Road, Birmingham, was arrested on October 8, 2019 at an address on Chorley Old Road, Bolton, after officers discovered the Danish national had travelled back into the UK after being deported following a drugs conviction.

He later pleaded guilty to causing the death by dangerous driving of Iddris Mohammed, failing to stop and report an accident and entering the UK illegally.

Mr Temkin read out a victim personal statement from Mr Mohammed’s younger brother Yoonis Mohammed in which he said the family forgave Haider.

“We have known him for a great number of years,” he wrote. “He is a kind and considerate person.

“We wish him the easiest of trials both now and in the after life.”

Defending Haider, Adam Watkins, said his client felt “utter shame and remorse” following his friend’s death.

“He truly loved Idris and felt blessed to be his best friend,” said Mr Watkins. “It is now a life sentence for him and will be on his concious for the remainder of his life.”

Defending Mohammed, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and causing death by careless driving, Rachel White, said the Norway-born man had come to the UK aged 11 and done well academically and was now studying at university.

She said he was now suffering PTSD along with flashbacks and depression.

“This has had a profound impact and one from which he will suffer from for the rest of his life,” she added.

Sentencing both Mohammed and Haider, His Honour Judge Martin Walsh, the Honorary Recorder for Bolton, said their driving had “catastrophic consequences”.

“You engaged in competitive driving at grossly excessive speeds over a sustained period on speed restricted roads,” he said.

“Nothing that this court can do can put right what went wrong that fateful evening.”

Addressing Mohammed, Judge Walsh, added: “Your brother lost his life in -part because of your desire to engage in grotesquely irresponsible competitive driving with your co-defendant.”

In addition to their prison sentences, Haider was banned from driving for six years and Mohammed was disqualified for four years.