FLY-TIPPING in a Farnworth back street is reaching “absolutely ridiculous” levels after three fridges and a sofa were dumped in the area.

Bags of household waste, bedding, and even mattresses have been spotted on the road off Plodder Lane, with rubbish continuing to mount up.

Resident Janice Burgess, 42, is worried the piles of trash could be attracting unwanted visitors.

She said: “It must be crawling with rats, there’s bags of rubbish and blankets all just dumped on top of each other.

“I help out at a food shop and we’re having to do vermin checks twice a day which is putting more workload on us.

“It’s been going on for years and we sometimes have people who clean it up and within a couple of weeks it starts building up again.

“Every time it just gets worse – there’s more and more piling up each week.”

Janice has attempted to get a rubbish bin installed outside the store to try and limit the amount of rubbish ending up on the streets.

Despite several attempts, she has been unable to secure the bin.

The area is unadopted land, complicating the problems faced by residents.

Bolton Council have no obligation to clear the land, as they do not own the road.

However, Cllr Paul Sanders, from Farnworth and Kearsley First, says the ward councillors have been working with residents and council officers to solve the issue.

He said: “Everyone will share the disgust and anger at the minority of selfish people who litter and fly-tip.

“The backings of Plodder Lane are in enclosed sections with sideroads which dumpers shamefully exploit.

“This area is not owned by the council, but councillors and enforcement officers have worked with the community to solve on-going cases – with offences annoyingly reoccurring.

“But this work will continue and the strong community won’t give in.

“We have spoken with the head of neighbourhood services and are exploring all options open to us to try and get a litter bin closer to this particular spot.”