THE lack of people wearing face masks when in enclosed spaces has been described as 'worrying' by a senior councillor who has called on everyone to play their part to avoid Bolton having further local restrictions applied as the coronavirus infection rate continues to be the highest in the country.

Bolton Council is currently running the "Stop a Bolton Lockdown" educational campaign just days after Bolton was set to have its restrictions lifted, highlighting how quickly the virus can spread.

Cllr Andy Morgan, said that there needs to a shift in behaviour, especially among the 18-35s, to contain the virus and lead to the removal of additional restrictions the borough is subject to.

He said: "Bolton could be on the brink of a further restrictions if its infection rate continues to rise so we all need to pull together to stop this.

"There needs to be a change in behaviour, simple measures can make a difference, but what I am seeing is a lot of people in enclosed spaces not wearing face coverings or wearing them incorrectly.

"We need to be at a point where it is the majority wearing face masks and the minority, who for many reasons are exempt.

"What is worrying is now the infection is being transmitted by those in the 18-49 age bracket and it seems to be the those under-35 who are not wearing the face masks."

Cllr Morgan said the wearing of face masks has been brought in because of scientific evidence that it can help limit the transmission of the disease.

"So all those wearing face masks are protecting others, including those who are not wearing one, but those who are not wearing one are not protecting anyone — so we need to work together."

The councillor also asked people to think about those most vulnerable to the virus.

He said: "I have a care home, where the residents have not seen their loved one for months because of the virus and the restrictions to visiting.

"We are using technology to keep them in touch with their families, but it is not the same as seeing their loved ones face to face.

" We all need to follow the guidelines so we can get back to some sort of normality and this includes the correct use and wearing of face masks and taking all other precautions we can help to contain the virus and stop additional restrictions from coming in. By all following the guidelines and bringing the infection rate down some of the most vulnerable people in our town will be able to see and hug their families again."