JUST three areas of Bolton can claim to be “covid free” after new data revealed coronavirus cases in the other 32 neighbourhoods.

Horwich North, Bromley Cross and Bradshaw, and Westhoughton East are the only three parts of the town that can claim to be virus free – just two weeks after the majority of the borough hadn’t reported any cases in months.

Figures from Public Health England have detailed confirmed cases of covid-19 for people tested between August 28 and September 3 by Middle Super Output Area, geographical areas of around 7,200 people.

The data, which is updated each day, revealed that 32 of Bolton’s 35 areas had reported three or more infections of covid-19 during that time.

In the week up to August 21, most of Farnworth, Horwich, and Westhoughton appeared to be covid-free, with Little Lever’s six new infections securing the area as the borough’s hotspot for transmission.

Now, Breightmet South and Darcy Lever is topping the table, after the neighbourhood reported 30 new infections in a single week.

Tonge reported the second highest new cases, with 25 positive tests, whilst Central Bolton, and Hall i’ th’ Wood both saw 20 new cases.

However, there may still have been infections in those three areas during that time period that haven’t been reported.

No figures were available for Horwich North, Bromley Cross and Bradshaw, or Westhoughton East, which may mean that they reported zero, one, or two new cases of covid-19.

Horwich East, Westhoughton Daisy Hill, Farnworth South, and Doffcocker and Moss Bank have all reported low infection rates, with three positive results recording during this time.