A CHORLEY pub has refused to serve Bolton residents after the latest coronavirus restrictions put into place across the borough.

Top Spinners in Adlington has decided to refuse service to those from the borough, claiming to have taken advice from various authorities before making the decision.

The decision was announced in a public post to customers, which asked people to “try not to break these rules”, and urged customers to be patient with staff who may ask for proof of address.

Opinions have been divided over the decision, with some customers understanding the choice, while others expressed their anger at being barred.

Cllr Marie Brady, who represents Horwich North East, urged people across her ward to use their common sense and follow the spirit of the new rules.

She said: “Heading over the border to pubs is not really in the spirit of the rules.

“The situation Bolton is in is awful, and the guidance is to stay home and not go to pubs – the pubs and restaurants have been closed to stop the spread of the virus, why would you want to go further afield?

“Morally, it’s your own decision, but you should be staying at home. It’s about taking that extra degree of responsibility and using your own common sense.

“I could go down to see my daughter in Wigan as part of her bubble and go out for something to eat there but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

“Businesses just want their customers to stay safe, and we all want our families to stay safe so there’s no need to be angry at them.”

Other establishments, including The Rivington, have asked people in Bolton to avoid the venue.

Formerly known as Rivington Bowling Club, the establishment urged its customers to follow the guidance, and to not visit the site.

A post from the team read: “This is not an easy decision, as we are not just turning customers away but also friends.

“Your safety, as well as that of staff and our family, is paramount.

“We understand some people may not agree, but we have to do the right thing regarding overall health.

“It would be wrong to gain financially from the restriction, and that’s not what our business is about."