A “SELFISH and irresponsible” young man has been identified as the man who was fined £1,000 for partying after returning from a six-week break in Ibiza.

But political leaders in Bolton say 23-year-old Layton Migas should not shoulder the blame for the town's coronavirus spike.

Migas was fined £1,000 for failing to quarantine when he returned from the Balearics.

The Doffcocker resident came back on August 20, and was spotted leaving his home on numerous occasions. He even held a house party for friends, before being stopped by police and fined £1,000.


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Speaking to a national paper, Migas said: "They wouldn’t have known. It’s only the neighbours that have told them. There’s loads of people I know who didn’t quarantine.

“What I actually got done for was that I was partying but I was actually in my house with the people I had been on holiday with. It is pretty harsh. There is no payment plan, you literally have to pay the £1,000 or go to court.”

The 23-year-old party animal has featured in Bolton celebrity Josh Ritchie’s Instagram photos from his summer in Ibiza. Migas has been subjected to a backlash since his exposure - but Bolton West MP Chris Green says he shouldn’t be given all the blame.

He added: “No-one actually believes what we’ve seen in Bolton is down to an individual. I have no doubt if someone picks up covid anywhere in the country there would be plenty of people socialising with that individual, and we haven’t seen similar spikes anywhere else.”


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Cllr Nick Peel, Labour leader, said: "There’s no indication he went on a pub crawl and there are other individuals who are being identified as coming back and going on pub crawls – that needs to be looked at quite seriously. We need a combination of tough messaging, which we’re seeing, and tough enforcement to back that up."

Cllr Hilary Fairclough, environmental services cabinet member, said she was "disappointed" the holidaymaker had been so "selfish".

She added: "The police have imposed a hefty fine on this individual which I believe the public would agree is the right thing to do. The actions of this holidaymaker were selfish and irresponsible, and he has put himself and others at risk by failing to self-isolate."