Today marks six months since the start of coronavirus lockdown- and it’s certainly a period of time that people across the world are unlikely to forget.

For Boltonians, there have been many low points and high moments over the last six months. While it has been a frightening and tragic time period, many people have been making the most of lockdown and trying to get the best out of a bad situation.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most notable Bolton headlines of the previous months, both good and bad- how many do you remember?

Boltonians raised money

Who can forget when war veteran, 99-year-old Tom Moore raised over £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps around his garden?

He wasn’t the only Brit with good intentions- many people across the UK decided to follow in his footsteps and begin their own fundraiser.

Boltonians were no exception and they were using lockdown to raise money for a charitable cause.

During lockdown, 21-year-old Eleanor Houghton organised an outdoor concert and raised almost £1000 for Bolton Hospice.

This event took place way back in May when the UK was still in full lockdown. People on the street put their musical talent to good use, putting on a two hour show for the residents and neigbours on the street.

Ms Houghton told Bolton News: “I'd love to do it again, and people on the street enjoyed it so much that they would like to make it an annual thing.

"It was one of the few times we'd all spoken to each other and it brought our street together in quite a nice way."

Supermarket shelves were stripped bare

The Bolton News: An empty supermarket shelf (Michael Drummond/PA)An empty supermarket shelf (Michael Drummond/PA)
When coronavirus cases began to surge and greater lockdown restrictions were imposed in March, Brits started to stockpile supplies.

Pasta and toilet roll were some of the most sought after items- shelves in supermarkets across the country were often stripped of these items as people stockpiled.

The same went for a Tesco Extra in Horwich, which was forced to limit in-demand items to five per customer.

Clap for the NHS

(Credit: Youtube/ Syncromental Official)

Did you clap for carers at 8pm on Thursday during lockdown?

This heart-warming event took place in March and people across the UK clapped on their doorsteps and gardens as a symbol of their support to care staff and NHS frontline workers.

One couple even came up with their own song inspired by Clap for Carers called ‘The Clapping Song for the NHS’.  They were approached by Bolton man, Philip Macdougall, to record the track.

Mr Macdougall said: "When I was going to bed that night I was singing the Clapping Song to myself and I realised you could easily make an NHS version of it.

"When the original came out you could be walking through the kitchen or your garden and someone would say the first line to you and everyone would start doing it because it's so infectious.”

Pubs reopened

Many pub-goers were dismayed when the government announced that pubs must close to control the coronavirus spread, at the end of March.

However, on the 4th of July pubs could open their doors once again- but there were stricter social distancing measures in place.


Radcliffe pub, The OVERdraught, made a coronavirus safety campaign using stars from the iconic comedy series, Phoenix Nights.

Ted Robbins, who played Den Perry, and Alex Lowe, who played Clinton Baptiste, feature in the video which encourages punters to frequently wash their hands and respect social distancing rules.

Bolton reached a grim milestone

The Bolton News: Bolton had the highest rate of coronavirus infections in the UK (Photo: Pixabay)Bolton had the highest rate of coronavirus infections in the UK (Photo: Pixabay)

While many towns and cities across the UK were easing lockdown restrictions over the summer, several places in the North of England saw a spike in coronavirus cases and had to go into lockdown once more.

Bolton is one town which had to go into local lockdown to prevent a second wave.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Bolton had the highest rate of coronavirus infection in the UK and 220 cases were recorded in a seven day period at the end of August.

Families were reunited

The Bolton News: Lindsay Sargeant and her son (Photo: Bolton NHS foundation trust)Lindsay Sargeant and her son (Photo: Bolton NHS foundation trust)

For many, the hardest part about lockdown and social distancing was being away from our families.

Lindsay Sargeant is a neonatal ward clerk at the Royal Bolton Hospital- she decided to send her 11-year-old son away to live with her mum in fear that she would bring the virus home with her.

However, after seven hard weeks they were reunited.

Lindsay told Bolton News sending Levi away was “heart-breaking” but she “slept better knowing when I was coming home from work that I wasn’t bringing anything home, I wasn’t going to hurt Levi, I wasn’t going to hurt my mum."

School was out for children

The Bolton News: Hannah Saunderson made fun and interactive videos (Credit: YouTube/ School's Out)Hannah Saunderson made fun and interactive videos (Credit: YouTube/ School's Out)

During lockdown, our homes were transformed into schools and parents had to brush up on their maths, literacy and science knowledge.

Luckily, PE was covered by Joe Wicks and his online lessons- but the rest was new territory for many home-schooling parents.

Local teachers tried to make this a more fun and memorable experience, including Hannah Saunderson from Lostock.

The nursery and reception teacher made interactive literacy videos on her School’s Out YouTube channel.

Ms Saunderson told Bolton News: “I have been trying to make the lessons as fun and practical as possible, because if the children are having a good time they are more likely to remember what we are learning.

“I’m also trying to teach as though I’m in a classroom with the children there, like I would be doing at school, as this helps me to be as relaxed as I can be.”

A father and son made some memories


Many people were placed on furlough during lockdown meaning they had a lot of extra time on their hands.

One family from Egerton village used this as an opportunity to have some fun and make some memories by completing a series of 100 challenges.

Obstacle courses, paper airplane challenges and ‘body bowling’ were just some fun challenges on the list.

Jacob and his dad, Chris, would complete a challenge and then post it to social media.

They quickly became the talk of the town and their creativity even attracted the attention of Cllr Linda Thomas, the Mayor of Bolton.

Chris told The Bolton News: “There has been a real community spirit, with people recognising Jay in the village from the video, and having the mayor visit was wonderful for Jacob, who she invited to the town hall when this is all over.”

Which lockdown memories will stick with you forever? Let us know in the comments.