A GROUP of men allegedly stole a catalytic converter from a car in 70 seconds, leaving a dad-of-three having to fork out hundreds of pounds for a replacement part.

The suspects struck on Harrow Road in Heaton at around 6.30am on Friday when a car pulled up in the middle of the road.

Several men got out and immediately walked over to Mohammed Bobat’s Toyota Auris Estate hybrid car.

In video footage, the men seem to use a jack to lift the vehicle up and start removing the car part.

After dislodging it they then get back into their car and leave the scene. Police are investigating. 

Mohammed, 51, said: “I got home from the mosque morning prayer at 6am so I was awake but I did not hear anything outside.

“My wife was taking the children to school later on and told me there was a problem with the car when she started it and then I looked at it.

“It is inconvenient and it’s cost me £600 to buy a new one which is the equivalent of more than a monthly wage for me as I work part time.

“Thieves do not think of the effect what they do has on anyone.”

The incident was captured on camera by nearby shop, Vinny’s Off-Licence.

Owner Vinny Patel added: “It’s awful, these are hitting hardworking people in hard times.”

In a separate incident, a catalytic converter was reported stolen from a car on Sutcliffe Street in Crompton at around 4.25am on Saturday.

Similar incidents have been reported recently in Bolton on Silverton Grove, Ellesmere Road, Elsworth Drive and Kirby Road too.

In relation to the theft on Friday, a Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “Police were called at around 10.45am on Friday, September 11.

“No arrests have been made.”

If you have any information about the incidents on Friday (reference number CRI/06KK/0022730/20) or Saturday contact police on 101.

Alternatively, contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.