IT may not have been the best of summers but as the season draws to a close, the remaining days are set to be scant compensation for what has been a crazy time of year.

The weather Gods have given us one last bite of the cherry and rewarded us with several days of glorious sunshine before Autumn steps up to the plate.

The final day of Summer comes on Tuesday, September 22, and the preceding days will be topping 21°C.

Sun--lovers will no doubt be enjoying the toasty 26°C heat currently glowing across Bolton, but have another full week of good weather to look forward to.

The outlook for Wednesday reads: "Early fog clearing, then bright but cloud building through day. Most places staying dry, however there is the chance of some patchy drizzle at times.

"Feeling much cooler than Tuesday. Maximum temperature 21 °C."

The outlook for Thursday - Saturday this week reads: "Cloudier to start on Thursday but quickly becoming brighter. Dry with sunny spells on Friday.

"Cloudy on Saturday with rain and drizzle possible. Feeling warm by day but chilly overnight."

The full forecast for Bolton this week:

Wednesday: 19°C

Thursday: 18°C

Friday: 18°C

Saturday: 17°C

Sunday: 18°C

Monday: 18°C

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