An evening and weekend bus service is returning to the residents of south east Bolton after continued calls from councillors.

After many years absence buses are being reintroduced in the evening and Sundays for residents of Stoneclough, Prestolee and Ringley, with two local councillors saying this will better connect the residents to Farnworth, Bury and Manchester.

Bus timetables due to come in on October 25 show that from Mondays to Saturdays there will be an increased number of busses passing along Market Street in Stoneclough, with Sunday services also coming back.

This will link the villages with Farnworth, Bury, Radcliffe and Whitefield Metrolink station, the last journey only taking 15 minutes from Stoneclough.

Kearsley councillor, Julie Pattison, celebrated this change, saying: "It has been much needed but a long time coming.

"I am particularly glad to see that the last bus from Farnworth is now just after 9pm Monday to Saturdays and this will give a lot of our younger residents the opportunity to use some of the youth facilities in Farnworth Town Centre.

"The introduction of the services also complements the initiatives taking place in Farnworth Town Centre and hopefully residents will have council services closer to home rather than taking two buses and travelling to Bolton for these services.

"People often assume that it is just people from Stoneclough, Prestolee and Ringley that benefit from better transport to our villages but these improvements now afford many people from Bury, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Farnworth and Kearsley the opportunity to visit what is certainly one of the most beautiful areas for miles around and these visitors can now do this on a Sunday – the most favoured day for a walk along the canal or a meal at some of the eateries in our villages."

Kearsley councillor, Paul Heslop, furthered this sentiment, saying: "It appears that the powers that be are finally listening.

"Better transport facilities for residents of Stoneclough, Prestolee and Ringley was an area of focus in last year’s election campaign. Twenty five buses on weekdays and Saturdays along with the introduction of 11 buses in either direction on Sundays is very much welcome.

"Coupled with an evening rail service introduced last year – more so for people from Stoneclough and Prestolee – we are in a situation where residents could actually go into Manchester for a meal, evening show or drink and can still get back home on the last train at 11:19 pm from Manchester Victoria.

"Improved frequency of buses and trains for residents of Stoneclough, Prestolee and Ringley also benefits residents in Kearsley as it eases the congestion along Bolton Road and Manchester Road in Kearsley where both junctions – Slackey Brow and Stoneclough Road – are accident hotspots."