Plans to transform a derelict area of Bolton town centre have been modified and resubmitted to build 59 town houses.

In February 2019 plans were submitted to create a block of 258 apartments with four town houses for land fronting St Georges Road between Bark Street and Back Bark Street ­— complete with private cinemas and gyms for residents.

However, plans have been resubmitted for the same site and by the same developer, Bolton-based company Forshaw, which now just include 55 three bedroom and four two bedroom town houses.

The development forms part of Bolton Council’s £1bn masterplan to redevelop the town centre.

Cllr Martyn Cox, deputy leader of Bolton Council, said these are good quality plans, and others similar to it are very important for the town going forward with the redevelopment.

He said: "The developers must have looked at it and decided that town houses were the best option.

"What we're trying to do as a council is get high quality developments happening in the town.

"Town houses and apartments will attract different types of people to the town so developers will always be making a mixture.

"Investors know that they are in this for the long term and want it to work, if they get it wrong it doesn't work.

"They are putting their own money and reputation on the line for this to build Bolton.

"There isn't a one size fits all approach for the types of developments that are made in the town centre and I welcome them all.

"The interest from developers is clearly there which is why we see plans going in all the time.

"If you come back to Bolton in 15 years time you will see a town centre that is radically different."

Cllr Richard Silvester, Bolton Council's shadow member for housing and planning, also fully supports the new plans

He said: "The application site on the edge of Bolton town centre has looked dilapidated for several years now. It is all brown field land and such a scheme would add much needed housing into this area contributing to its regeneration.

"The proposals will bring more people living in the periphery of Bolton town centre which will add and benefit the economy of the town centre and local businesses.

"I like the designs of all of the town houses proposed. I hope that the proposals are therefore approved.

"The proposals will vastly improve this neglected area on the edge of the town centre and bring some much needed life back into it."

Forshaw were approached for a comment.