It's still 98 days until Christmas but that hasn't stopped Breightmet resident Joan Philburn from getting in the spirit.

The 74-year-old has festive lights, tinsel, Santa ornaments and even a tree up at her house on Winchester Way.

Great-grandmother Joan has been putting up her Christmas decorations at the start of September for a number of years.

And this year she's doing it in memory of her late husband Ronald, who died at the age of 92 last June.

Joan said: “I’ve been doing it for quite a few years now. I’ve never really thought much of doing it this early but now I’m doing it in memory of my husband who died last year who was never so sure on it.

“I always really liked it but he didn’t want them going up so I’ve carried on doing it myself.

“They may go up at the beginning of September but we don’t actually turn the lights on until much later.”

Joan, who has eight grandchildren, says the festive feel of her house has always been something the family have enjoyed.

She said: “The grandkids always loved seeing the decorations early because they have lots of time to play with them. We did it mostly for them.”

Joan says she's not fazed by detractors saying September is too early to display Christmas lights, and pointed to the fact that you can find decorations being sold in supermarkets.

She said: “It doesn’t bother me that it’s early. I’ve seen them in the shops so why can’t I put them up?

“I’ve been adding to the collection every year. The only thing I haven’t put up yet is the countdown to Christmas clock I have as that only goes from October.

“Some people have stopped and asked me why they’re up already and I just say 'do I look bothered?'"

Joan added that Christmas will be especially hard this year as coronavirus restrictions may mean she is not able to see family, and as it is her second Christmas without her husband.

She said: “It’s not been the same without him."