For the sake of the hard-working Moor Lane Covid Testing Team, we feel we must make known a very different experience we had when having a test there.

We had been told it was possible to go there without an appointment. We drove in, no queue, and were given a registration card. We then had to drive into a parking bay and do the test ourselves.

Other cars were drifting in, but the situation was certainly not overloaded. We were told that if we needed any help to put out the car’s hazard lights on. We gave our sealed bags in and went home, phoned our registration numbers in to 119 and received the results the next day by text message and e-mail.

Surely this is the common sense approach. Let people go their nearest centre, if there’s an unreasonable queue come away until another time. Once the test is done, phone 119 to let them know.

Good for the Moor Lane Team, you’ve got it right!

Margaret Caton