A CHILDREN’S forest school business has been left “devastated” after a group of yobs caused around £1,000 worth of damage at the site.

Hedgehogs Woodland Adventure in Horwich was targeted several times in a few days by vandals who wrecked the front gate and fences, brought down a 30ft parachute cover and left drug snapbags on the ground near children’s equipment.

The shocking damage was discovered when business owner Emma Lynch's partner Oliver, who run the firm together, went to the site to carry out maintenance work last Saturday morning.

Later on at 4.30pm, Emma, who had been there earlier to see the damage, returned and found a group of youths were there.

She chased them away but more wreckage had been caused.

On Sunday it was also clear items has been moved around at the Chorley New Road premises.

Then on Monday, Oliver went back at around 4.30pm and found a group of youths smoking what appeared to be cannabis.

The Bolton News:

Partners Emma and Oliver in front of damaged fences

The Bolton News:

The parachute cover, which was forced to the ground by the yobs

The Bolton News:

Damage caused at the forest school site

Emma said: “We were due to have parties all day on Saturday and Sunday but they were cancelled because of the restrictions and we decided to do maintenance work.

“Apart from the damage they have done they have left drugs and snapbags around. 

"I’ve also found cigarette ends left there. 

"I do not want to miss something potentially hazardous and being a danger for the children.

"With the parachute cover it looks like they tried to start a fire there as there was disinfectant around. It seems they tried to start a fire, realised they couldn't and then cut the cover down."

The damage has caused upset, anguish and anxiety.

The Bolton News:

The Bolton News:

Damage caused at the site

The Bolton News:

A picture of youths that Emma took after chasing a group away last Saturday

Emma said: "This is the first time we have been vandalised, I am absolutely devastated.

"We lost thousands of pounds in revenue from the lockdown and then we had to close again last week due to the restrictions.

"We did not qualify for any of the Government support schemes either.

"With the damage coming after this we are close to going under.

"Thousands will have to be spent on making the site more secure.

"I just want them to understand that what they are doing is damaging someone's livelihood.

"What they are doing is taking food out of our children's mouths."

If you have any details contact police on 101 quoting reference number 2,466 of September 14.