MUM Paula Jones has praised Coronation Street and Bolton Council for shining a light on a rare and incurable illness which has had a devastating effect on her family.

The nation’s favourite soap is currently running a heartbreaking storyline about Leanne’s ­— played by Jane Danson ­— son Oliver who has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease, a condition Paula Jones’ children developed as young adults.

Paula was given the devastating news in January that her 21-year-old son Connor had developed the genetic condition ­— just six years after her daughter Amber-Leigh was diagnosed with the illness.

Coronation Street’s emotional storyline is being aired during Mitochondrial Awareness Week, which is being marked in Bolton with the town hall being lit up green.

Iconic monuments across the globe have also been lit up green.

Now Paula is hoping, with the soap’s storyline and the illumination of the town hall, more people will understand the devastating impact the condition has on sufferers.

Mitochondrial disease occurs when the “mitochondria” which are the tiny organelles found in almost every cell of the body fail to produce enough energy for cell or organ function.

The condition can lead to muscle weakness and blindness and can strike at anytime.

Paula said: “Coronation Street are currently doing an excellent job in highlighting this dreadful condition with their storyline with Oliver. Jane Danson, who plays Leanne is doing a great job on and off the screen helping to raise the much needed awareness of Mitochondrial disease.

“My son was diagnosed in January at the age of 21 after having a seizure in December and suffering from migraines. He was taken to A&E after her started suffering from seizures which went on four five six hours. He continued to have seizures over three weeks before they were brought under control.”

Both siblings were active before being suddenly developing the condition.

Paula added: “I am so grateful the town hall has been lit up green again to raise awareness, because with more support more money can be raised for research into the condition, which can show itself at any time in people’s lives. Both Connor and Amber-Leigh were perfectly healthy before.

"The Lily Foundation is a leading charity in this field that needs everyone’s continued support to be able to provide vital funding for research to find a cure."

Peter Kay is also a proud supporter of the charity ­— in April 2018 all profits from his charity screenings of Car Share in Blackpool were donated to the foundation. 
Find out more information on the foundation here