MORE than 40 people were reported for speeding in a day of action by Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

The highest speed officers clocked a vehicle travelling was 56mph in a 30mph zone.

Safety checks were also made as part of Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) in an effort to improve road safety in the region.

Police seized five vehicles (three for no insurance, one for no licence and one for no MOT) and processed 63 reports for the following reasons:

• 14 for using a mobile phone whilst driving

• 25 for not wearing a seatbelt

• 10 for issues with their number plate

• 5 for defective tyres

• 9 for illegal window tints

Chief Inspector Gareth Firth, from GMP's Safer Transport Team, said: “Sadly we have seen a number of deaths on our roads which is why national campaigns such as Project EDWARD are so important.

"Speeding has been a factor within these fatalities however we have also seen them happen due to careless driving; and life-threatening injuries which could have been prevented had seatbelts been worn correctly.

"This is just a fraction of drivers that have been stopped for offences in one day and sadly the number of vehicles we stopped was far higher than anticipated.

"I would urge anyone travelling in a car to make sure they are making the necessary checks to ensure their car is roadworthy, they are wearing their seatbelts correctly and they are keeping their full attention on the road without any distractions such as mobile phones.

"This campaign has been supported by traffic officers and colleagues from across the force as well as our external partners however members of the public also play a vital role in keeping our roads safe.

"If you've witnessed an offence on the roads then please report it to us via the dedicated link on our website –

"Alternatively you can report things anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Always dial 999 in an emergency."

Deputy mayor for policing and crime, Bev Hughes said: “I am pleased to be supporting Project EDWARD again this year - in a bid to reduce deaths and serious injury on Greater Manchester’s roads.

"More than 60 families lost a loved one on our roads alone last year – with a further 600 people suffering serious and often life-changing injuries.

"That’s more than 600 families affected and their lives changed forever.

"Collisions are often the result of speeding or being distracted at the wheel - even a moment’s lapse of attention can cause an accident.

"So please stay alert, watch what’s happening and think ahead. Lives can be wrecked in an instant and the consequences last a lifetime.”

GMFRS’ Head of Prevention, Area Manager Paul Duggan, said: “Sadly, our firefighters are called to hundreds of serious road traffic collisions every year and all too often witness people suffering life-changing injuries, or worse.

“Some people may not realise but we actually rescue more casualties from road traffic collisions than we do from fires - so we are keen to work with our partners at every opportunity and support campaigns such as Project EDWARD in a bid to keep people safe on our roads."