More than 100 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Bolton yesterday.

Latest figures published by the government showed that 102 residents received positive test results for covid-19 yesterday.

The latest results confirmed new cases of coronavirus in 47 people who were tested on Wednesday, and 26 people who were tested on Tuesday.

A further 21 people tested on Monday, seven people tested last Sunday, and one person who was tested last Saturday also received a positive test result in the latest figures.

No one tested on Thursday had received a positive result when the figures were collated at 9am on Friday morning.

To date, 3,691 people have contracted the virus in Bolton, with the current infection rate for the week to September 15 sitting at 191.6 per 100,000 people, after 546 people tested in that time received a positive result.

Bolton is currently the most infectious place in the country, and is far above the national infection rate of 27.0 per 100,000 people after 15,102 people in England tested positive for coronavirus during that time.