I have just read a ‘Special Report’ in the Bolton News on the news from Andy Burnham that postcodes must be used to give priority to Bolton people who require Covid tests.

That’s all very well, but what about people like myself who live across the Bolton boundary, have a Bolton phone number, pay their rates to Bolton but have a Manchester - M26 - postcode?

I am having a similar problem with trying to pay for my TV licence, which was free, on line. The website wants my postcode, and then my email and UK home phone number.

It will not allow me to proceed because it does not recognise my 01204 phone number. As I have an M26 postcode, it expects me to have an 0161 code!

If I should need a Covid test, it looks as though I could be sent anywhere in the Greater Manchester area, if I’m lucky, when there is a testing centre quite close by.

This is quite a concern for me, so I have to hope I don’t have to use the system!

J Forrester