A stretch of road where 'craters' are causing a 'hazard' for drivers is set to be repaired.

Resurfacing work will be carried out at the junction of Ainsworth Avenue and Chorley New Road, Horwich following complaints from councillors and residents.

Cllr Kevin McKeon, who represents Horwich North East, said he had been campaigning to get the road repaired for the last two years.

He said: “The road has been left to deteriorate massively as there’s been no money to repair it. Bus and taxi drivers and local residents have been complaining for a while that it makes it difficult to drive down the road and is dangerous for them.

“In my opinion it’s the worst section of road in the ward. It’s been on my mind for a long time now as I use the road daily. It was despairing to see the damage and think it would never get done.

“Having craters in the road like that and being able to see setts is really dangerous for motorists and cyclists who will have to swerve out the way to avoid damaging their cars. It’s very telling when you can see the old foundations of the road.”

Earlier this year council bosses said road repairs would be continuing during lockdown as part of the authority's commitment to spending an additional £12m to upgrade the most dilapidated roads in the borough.

Cllr Richard Silvester added: "The government has completely underfunded councils around the country with highways maintenance repairs hence the shocking state which many roads in the borough have become. The junction at Ainsworth Avenue is one example.

Thankfully something is now being done about it, however, around the borough there is a long backlog of repairs which need attention.”

Talking about road repairs continuing during lockdown, deputy leader of Bolton Council, Cllr Martyn Cox, said in April: “Dozens of streets have already been restored as part of this programme and I am very pleased that work is continuing despite the difficult circumstances.

“We know that the disrepair of some of our residential streets was a real concern across the borough and that is why we have invested in these improvements."

The council is due to undertake the repair works on Sunday, September 27 when the junction will be closed.